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The Domaine

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The vineyard lies along the plateau of La Ponche, to the north of Vacqueyras and produces rich, powerful wines.

The Domaine extends across 35 hectares and now offers several appellations:

  • 1,25 hectares of Gigondas, where small yields and good soil combine to create dense and complex wines with particularly silky tannins.
  • 18 hectares of Vacqueyras, mainly in the north of the domaine, which produce powerful wines with a strong tannic structure.
  • 2 hectares of Côtes du Rhône, grown on an exceptionally good terroir which yields exceptionally fine wines.
  • 1 hectare of Plan-de-Dieu. A small production that uses galets roulés (round pebbles) to produce spicy wines with a good sense of body.
  • 8 hectares of Côtes du Ventoux. The sandy clay of the hilly climes around Aubignan makes for supple, aromatic wines.
  • 5 hectares of Vin de Pays.

Our wines form a diverse collection. Our blends ensure that the quality of each variety is brought out in full, with each of the different terroirs contributing its own subtle nuances.

vinLe Terroir

Excellence is key
Our most important resource is our terroir: its diversity is paramount.
Location, microclimate and excellent grapes are what make the terroir of Le Domaine Font Sarade so special.
The clay soil is perfect for producing rich, full-bodied wines.
In an effort to ensure compatibility between our grapes and the earth in which they are planted, we carry out soil tests to determine which variety should be used in each area.
Environmentally conscious, we are committed to integrated wine production. To guarantee a top-quality product, we use cover crops around our vines.
We cultivate each vine with the utmost care – at the start of summer, we remove leaves in any areas where grapes appear and use green harvesting after this.
All my efforts are focused on a single aim: to make ever better wine by continuing to use the traditional techniques that draw on what I have learned from my predecessors.

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